Friday, December 21, 2007

How to remove your make-up properly?

Removing make-up before you sleep is a must for every woman. What will happen if we don't remove our make-up properly? It will clog your face pores and causes white heads and blackheads to occur.

1) If i am wearing mascara on that day, i will use a eye make-up remover to remove my mascara.
2) I will use my favourite make-up remover (Fancl Cleansing Oil). Massage my face using the cleansing oil with dry hand. Wet my hands and massage the oil until it emulsifies(Oil will be white and milky).
3)Wash it off.
4)Apply your daily cleanser and wash it off again.
5) Apply Toner
6) Moisturises

** I am using Chamomile Eye Make-up remover from The Body Shop and Fancl Cleansing Oil(MUST BUY REMOVER)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oatmeal Egg White Mask

Another natural method for oily skin.

1) 1 Egg White
2) Oatmeal

Mix the Egg White with Oatmeal until it turn into a soft paste. If it is too runny, add more Oatmeal. Apply to face and leave it to dry for 20-30 mins. Wash off with warm water. Apply toner and moisturiser. Your face should feel smooth and clean. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Simple Ways to better and shinier hair

Always fustrated about your dry hair. Try some of these simple methods.

Massage your hair with Olive Oil before you wash
Apply some olive oil on your hair especially the ends and massage the scalp for 15 mins and cover it with a shower cap for 30 mins before you wash your hair. Followed by your hair moisturiser and wash. Follow this method twice a week and you will see improvement soon.

Avocado and Banana
Mash one ripe banana and avocado and apply all over your hair. Leave it for an hour and wash it off with warm water.

Hair Mask and Hair Serum
Buy a good hair mask from the pharmacy and make it a habit to condition your hair at least twice a week. Wash it off with your daily shampoo and conditioner. Apply Hair Serum to have greater effect.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Different Ways of reducing your dark eye circles

Dark unsightly eye circles can be very irritating to most women. It can make us look haggard and ugly. In some worse cases, some look like "drug addict". I am glad i don't really have that serious problem. I couldn't imagine a fair person like me with that two dark patches below my eyes would seriously make me look like a panda. Haha.

These are some of the ways that may help:

1) Slice Cucumber or Raw Pototoes and leave it on your eyes for 15-20 mins.

2) Apply some Almond Paste under your eyes for 15 mins.

3) Always put 2 metal spoons in the fridge and have it as great rescuer. Leave it on your eyes for 10 mins. (It is quite effective for puffy eyes)

4) Vitamin E Oil. Apply Vitamin E oil and massage gently on your eyes every morning and night. ( Please note that the application amount should not be more than a tear drop).

5) Take a used chamomile tea bag( if not, any tea bag will do) and leave it for 10 mins.

Beside the above ways, most importantly you should also:

1) have enough sleep

2) Adopt healthier eating habits

3) Drink more water so that your body can detox as some dark eye circles are contributed due to body toxins.

4) Remove your eye make-up especially mascara and eyeliner properly. If you don't do it properly, it will also causes the eye areas to darken.

5) Avoid Sun tanning. Some people thought that sun tanning will help to camoflage the dark eye circles but that is wrong. Instead of helping, it worsen the dark circles.

6) Massage the eye area gently with a good eye cream so that there are proper blood circulation.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Favourite Perfume

Are you that kind of person who cannot live without perfume? I am one of them. Before i go out, i will definitely spray perfume. I have more than 10 different kinds of perfume at home such as Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Christian Dior, Burberrys and many more... I simply can't live without perfume. If i forgot to spray perfume, i would feel uneasy the whole day as i think spraying perfume is one of my habit.

Number 1 Favourite:
Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom (MUST TRY)

(Light and Sweet, it is widely accepted by most of the people especially men love the scent)

Number 2 Favourite:
Kenzo Flower
(Light, Crispy and Flowery scent, Great for summer days)

Number 3 Favourite:
Perfume Brit By Burberrys
(Fresh, Feminine and abit sweet)

My perference of scent is light and refreshing. However whenever i go clubbing, i will use Gucci Rush (Very Strong and feminine scent) because of the smoke and alcohol in the club, it definitely can mask those smell. Perfume is also a great idea as a birthday present or christmas present. I wouldn't mine having a new fragrance as a gift. So have you bought your christmas present? Why not try perfume if you run out of ideas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Secrets Revealed for Eyebrow Shaping

Shaping your brows can be a tricky job. If you just slipped off your hand in that split seconds. Your hair may not grow back. It was about 8 years ago, i accidentally shaved away part of my brow and it left a small part balded. I guessed most of the girls would have attempted to shape their eyebrows themselves at least once in their lifetime. I try my very best to seek the professional in trimming my eyebrows but due to my busy schedules, i often have to rely myself in trimming.

Eyebrows are a very important features on our face. It changes the look on your face too. If you shaped it too slanted up or archy, you may have that fierce look. Hence, shaping it properly placed an important part in brightening our face.

What shapes are you having now?
First, look at the mirror. Are your eyebrows in attractive shape? Have you got it trimmed the last 2 weeks? How does the thickness look like?
1) Look at the eyebrow thickness
2) They should be wider inside and thinner as it is near to the end
3) Start shaping from the Inner towards the end each time.
4) DO NOT Shape your eyebrow too thin. It will make your face look harsh.
5) If this is your first time shaping your eyebrow, i would strongly suggest you to seek the professional and get it done first. Every day or 2, you can tweeze new stray hairs that pop up. This will help your brow to stay in shape for at least 2 to 3 months.

What to do if you already have Thin Eyebrow?
if you have shaped your eyebrow too thin, not too worry. You still can fill them in with powdered eye shadow on the areas that you want to make it look thicker. Wait for your brow to grow before shaping a new one.

What to do if the "Wild hairs" that grow out are longer than the rest?
Even we continue to tweeze our stray hairs every day or 2. Some of your eyebrow hairs will grow longer than the rest especially the edge of the eyebrows Some even curl.
1) Use a eyebrow comb and comb your eyebrow hairs up and trim off the long hair with an eyebrow scissors.
2) Do it slowly. Slide the fine teeth of a comb underneath to lift the hair up and trim off any remaining long hairs.

When is the best time to pluck your eyebrow?
After a shower. Your pores are open up. Apply some vaseline before your pluck. This will minimise the redness. After shaping. You can apply some gel to make the eyebrow looks neater.