Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All about cellulite 2

It is tough to eliminate all your cellulite but reducing it shouldn't be any problem if you follow all these steps:

1) Drink about 2 Litre of water every day as water helps to flush out toxin. It helps the body to function more efficiently, increases blood circulation and drainage.

2) Reduced your intake on caffeine products like coffee and alcohol.

3) Exercise more regularly
- 15 mins of aerobic exercise (walking on threadmill, riding a bicycle)
- 15 mins of strength exercise ( carry weight)
- if you want to target on thigh areas, you should do more repetition on leg exercise. (ie: leg lift)
- if you want to target on buttock area, do squats
- Stretching exercise after each set of repetition on thigh or buttock.

4) Proper Diet
Eat more fruits and vegetables to build more fiber and antioxidant nutrients. This can easily sweep away harmful free radicals and toxins. Muscle building and skin firming foods should therefore be eaten regularly to get rid of cellulite on thigh areas. Those foods are those rich in protein and fatty acids. These nutrients can be found in fish, lean meat, nuts, whole grains and beans.

5) Cellulite Cream
With all the proper exercising method, you should also apply cellulite cream daily in the morning and before sleep. Massage on the areas that you want to target for 15 mins.

Building more muscles is the ONLY most effective way to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Although we can't eliminate them but we can make it less obvious.