Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to treat drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a dire problem that not only cause your health to deterioriate but also cause your families to be in misery. In fact, there are many thousands of American died of drug overdose each year. The only way to kick away drug addiction is seek for Drug Addiction Treatment where they can receive exclusive non disturbance treatment. They need to achieve the best mental, physical and spirtual healing.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Beauty Recipes Of The Week

This Week Beauty Recipe is Ginger Tea. Ginger Tea is a good home recipe for colds, flu , sore throat and Indigestion.

4 Cups Of Water
Fresh Ginger Root
1 tea bag
Honey or Lemon To taste

Peel and slice the ginger, add water and bring it to boil for about 8-10minutes.
Strain and pour into a tea pot, add the tea bag.
Stir in honey or lemon to taste.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How to choose an eye shadow color

Eyes are the window of your soul. You have to choose the right color to make your eyes look bright and fresh. Look for colors that contrast lightly with the shades of your eyes and colors that are easy to match and blend well with other colors. Light colored eye shadows will highlight the area and Dark colored eye shadows will give a dramatic effect.

Every women should have three different shades of eye shadows that belong to the light, medium and dark shades. Light color eye shadows will brighten your eyes and as for medium tone will add slight depth to the look of your eyes. Application of darker or contrasting color will add more depth and shape to your eyes.

People with blue eyes should choose:
- soft browns and tans with sandy or pink undertones

People with brown eyes should choose:
-beige, toffee, fawn, chocolate, white, dark brown.

People with green eyes should choose:
- peachy or pinky shades

If you are still not very sure of which color to choose, get a professional to choose a series of shade for you.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What kind of Bikinis am I suitable ?

What kind of swim suit will flaunt your assets and cover your flaws? Do not be afraid to get into your bikinis even if you are fat because it is all about playing with prints, colours and the cuts.

If you have a boyish figure with broad shoulders. You need to
- Create curves in suit that add much needed inches to your silhouette.

Look out for:
- One piece suits with side cut outs which will show off your waist by creating a sexy shape.
- Use Light colours, large widely-spaced prints and metallic sheens to make either your top or bottom "pop" and appear more curvy.
-Go for boy shorts as it can add more horizontal cut, go with accessories like a belt or loop for sexy curvy hips.
- Circular prints like polka dots.

If you have heavy top(big boobs), you need to
- have the right amount of support to keep the boobs in place.

Look out for:
- Bikini Tops or One piece suits with wide straps and underwire. Avoid wearing thin straps top as it cannot support your bosom well and may go exposed easily.
- Tops with High neckline are the best minimisers. A bandeau top can help to flatten your breasts.
- Look for halter top bikinis as it provide gravity defying support with an upward pull. It also draw attention to your shoulder and away from your bustline.
- Avoid large prints bikinis.

If you have heavy bottom, you need to
- even out the proportion of your pear shaped body by creating illusion of wider upper body, Go for halter or boat neck tops

Look Out For:
- Brightly coloured top or one with interesting neckline with beads or details.
- Wear dark colour bottom. Try wearing black boyshorts.
- Avoid frills or ruffles on your bikini bottom. Choose one that cover most of your butt for more flattering profile. Go for large triangular backs for maximum coverage.
- You can use a sarong and tie loosely at the hips

If you are flat chested, you need to
- give a boost to your chest with push up padding and patterns

Look out for:
- Bikini tops with horizontal strips or widely spaced prints. These create illusion of width and will do wonders to your chest.
-Buy padded bikini tops or those bikinis that can let you slot in your own padding.
- Go for string bikinis or underwired bra with half cup shape.

If you have tummy, you need to
- cover your tummy and prevent the fats from protruding it out obviously.

Look out for:
- One piece suit or Tankinis and find those princess seams that work like corsets to give you hourglass silhouette.
- Go for halter style so it can draw attention away from your tummy.
- Wear solid, rich dark color.

So next time when you decide to go for suntanning, you should know which swimwear to go for it. :)