Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Causes For Recurring Yeast Infections

There are many causes for recurring yeast infections. Hence, it is very important to seek a proper treatment to totally eliminate the problem so that the recurrence chances will be lower.

Here are some of the common causes for recurring yeast infections.

1) Medication that provide only temporarily relief
Some of the medication that were used on yeast infection sufferers only provide a temporarily relief. It has not totally eradicate the root of the problem. On the surface, it seem that they have already got rid of their yeast infections but the fact is, their problem came back after a while as the yeast have conquered and won the battle of staying alive. Sometimes, it just got tougher to be eliminated as the yeast has grown stronger and immune to certain drugs. When this kind of problem happened, it is best to be treated with natural remedies.

2) High Sugar Diet
People who got recurrence in yeast infections tend to have very high sugar diet. As yeast thrive and multiply quickly by feeding on sugar. Cutting down or avoiding sugary food can help to get rid the problem better.

Diabetic patients are always facing the problem or chronic yeast infection or recurrence because of their high sugar diet.

4) Birth control pills
Many women got their condition improved when they stopped taking birth control pills.

5) Heat and Moisture environment
Yeast loves to multiply and grow in heat trapping and moisture environment. It was understood that most yeast infection sufferers will try to keep themselves clean and dry as to combat the problem.

Antibiotics destroy natural bacteria which can cause reccuring in yeast infections.

If yeast infections have become a problem to you and have cause incovenience in your life, get it treated with home remedies that will work for you.