Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How to choose an eye shadow color

Eyes are the window of your soul. You have to choose the right color to make your eyes look bright and fresh. Look for colors that contrast lightly with the shades of your eyes and colors that are easy to match and blend well with other colors. Light colored eye shadows will highlight the area and Dark colored eye shadows will give a dramatic effect.

Every women should have three different shades of eye shadows that belong to the light, medium and dark shades. Light color eye shadows will brighten your eyes and as for medium tone will add slight depth to the look of your eyes. Application of darker or contrasting color will add more depth and shape to your eyes.

People with blue eyes should choose:
- soft browns and tans with sandy or pink undertones

People with brown eyes should choose:
-beige, toffee, fawn, chocolate, white, dark brown.

People with green eyes should choose:
- peachy or pinky shades

If you are still not very sure of which color to choose, get a professional to choose a series of shade for you.