Saturday, November 17, 2007

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Hahaha.... I am so proud that i learnt to link Flickr Photos to my blog. Sounded stupid right? But it was an achievement to a new blogger like me.. HeeHee. :) Please browse my photos and give comments too. All my photos are on the right.



Do you drink collagen? Recently I bought a new brand of collagen, Meiji Amino Collagen and it is from Japan. It cost about $58sgd after 10% discount from watson. I am going to give it a try since my friend told me is good but it can only last for 28days. Sobz....

I used to eat this brand call Matrix from Nature's Farm but i guessed that brand doesn't work for me cause recently my friend complaint my face sagged abit. Sad..... Hence i decided to give it a try to Meiji Amino Collagen. I have been consuming for 5 days. So far so good, still can't see much results yet but was told i can see result after a week or 2. Hopefully it works for me because staying beautiful and young is important to me. Haha. My philosophy in myself : " I can't go out of shape, I can't have that 'Auntie Look', I want to be pretty all the time... Vain right? Hahaha.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein and one third of the proteins in the body consist of collagen.

Especially to those ladies age 25 onwards. Start drinking collagen because people aged 25 years old onwards will be lacked of collagen and that is where our cheeks become saggy and wrinkled.

Amino Collagen (Number 1 in Japan)

1 Spoonful a day: Contains 5000mg of collagen peptides (Amazing!)

60mg of glucosamine

50mg of vitamin C

450mg of amino acid

I pray, I hope this Amino Collagen will help me. I am consuming together with Vitamin C, Pearl Powder to make it better. Better start early than late... :)