Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Remove Toxins From Your Body Naturally

There are many good ways to remove toxins from your body. Which works the best? Let me explain to you at the later part.

Everybody are exposed to toxins all the time because of the enviroment and the food we eat. The dust and smoke that we inhaled all the time causes toxins in our body. The food that we are eat are full of preservatives and pesticides. That is also the reason why organic food exist.

How to remove toxins from your body naturally?
- Exercise
Exercising improve our blood circulation and we sweat as we exercise. This will get rid of the toxins too.

- Drink plenty of water
When you drink plenty of water, you urinate more often. Toxins are flush out naturally

- Have enough sleep
Our body detoxify while we are sleeping. Have enough rest so that you body work properly.

- Lemonade Diet
Lemonade Diet is a thorough detox diet. It is recommended to do it twice a year as it will do a very thorough colon and stomach cleanse. Wastes and accumulated toxins be flushed out from our body and hence preventing you from serious illnesses like colon cancer. Lemonade Diet is not advisable to do it too frequently as the cleanse is really very thorough. After the Lemonade Diet cleanse, I would suggest all of you to change your lifestyle habits, exercise, drink more water and smoke free.

Free yourself from toxins and lead a healthier lifestyle.