Sunday, September 7, 2008

How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?

Magnetic Therapy triggers faster blood flow. When the magnet is applied to certain areas of your body, the magnet will improve the oxygen and nutrient transfer as it relaxes capillary walls, surrounding muscle and connective tissues. The natural healing ability of the person will also increased.

Many people also believed that Magnet Therapy can help patients to recover from serious illnesses or even help in increasing metabolism. It was because of faster blood flow, the body heat is also increased and hence help to faster the metabolism. Magnetic therapy also aids in to relieve aches and speed up the recovery of injuries.

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Marriage Fitness

You may already know the good way of body or health fitness, how about your "marriage fitness?" Marriage is just like your health. It is a lifelong commitment. Sometimes married couples faces crisis in their marriage at certain point of their marriage. We all have to learn how to neutralize problems and better the relationship with certain techniques. When your marriage is on the rock, what should you do to save marriage?

Should you just sit and wait for miracles to happen, hoping that things will just change better naturally or would you to take some actions and improve your marriage so that all these will not happen again?

Here is a good marital help solution for you. Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp is the most popular program and the one most people choose. It is specially designed for people who are suffering from infidelity, broken trust, threat of divorce etc. This Marriage Retreat is a 7 week closed-door and personalised program, it is not like a marriage counselling but actually ways of strengthening and restoring the love of your marriage, keeping your marriage fit and healthy too. Check out their website to save your marriage today!