Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is Male Yeast Infection considered a sexually transmitted disease?

Many male will be embarrassed by the fact they got male yeast infection. They often associate Male yeast infection as a sexually transmitted disease like AIDs. Sometimes they find it too embarrassed to seek for medical help. Male Yeast Infection is not a fatal disease and can be treated easily with care. Furthermore, Male yeast infection is not considered a sexually transmitted disease. However, it is contagious and can be transmitted through sex. Hence, it is the best to avoid having sex during your infection. If not, preventive measures like wearing condom and keeping your sex toy clean should be considered.

Many times, people simply just ignored the problem and continued to have sex with their partners without any preventive measures. This not only causes your partner to contract the infection but also make it difficult to treat because they get high chances of passing the infection back and forth to each other. Over time, the problem may just become a chronic issue.

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