Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ways To Prevent Ingrown Hair

When you start shaving or waxing your armpit or bikini line, you may get red and painful bumps and ingrown hairs start when a hair shaft becomes trapped beneath the skin surface. It grow downward and ended up growing into the skin.

Shaving will irritate and clog follicles, trapping hairs inside. Waxing is a better choice but it often break the hairs rather than pulling up the roots of the hair.

Symptoms of Ingrown Hairs:
- raised, small bump and maybe painful
- Slight pus forms and it resembles a whitehead. Avoid squeezing as bacteria can spread to the surround follicles and can worsen the condition.
-Skin around the bump is itchy and sensitive

How to treat ingrown hair in bikini area or underarms?
- Exfoliate regularly
Swipe your bikini line before shaving or waxing with a salicylic acid toner. This will help to keep the follicles from plugging up and will preven clogging the follicles.

- Use a sharp, new blade every 4th or 5th shave
A dull razor will abrade skin and may deposit grime and bacteria that can irritate the hair follicles and can get higher possibilities of getting ingrown hairs. Use shaving cream and shave with a short downward strokes to preven bumps.

- Try a depilatory cream
Depilatory cream can dissolve hair at the skin's surface so there is lesser risk of entrapment. Try Veet Hair Removal Cream.