Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes are normally found on pregnant woman. Normally, their blood sugar are too high causing gestational diabetes. When blood sugar is too high for a pregnant woman, it is also not good for the baby.

Causes of Gestational Diabetes:

Changing hormones and weight gain occur during pregnancy. both changes make it hard for your body to keep up with its need for a hormone called insulin.

Risk Factor for Gestational Diabetes:

  • Pregnant Woman.

  • have gestational diabetes before and gave birth to large babies.

  • family history of diabetes.

  • Stillbirth in previous pregnancy.

  • Birth defects in previous pregnancy.

  • Obesity

Gestational Diabetes does not really cause any symptoms. However, if the pregnant woman experience any increase in thirst, urination, hunger or blurred vision should be tested for diabetes. Anyway, most of the time, pregnant woman have to go for diabetes tests between 24th to 28th week.

Normally, gestational diabetes can be under control and the possible complication can be prevented. It does not cause any birth defects but the baby may be quite large when at birth and this may cause birth injury due to the baby's size and difficulty in giving birth.

After delivery, the baby may have Hypoglycemia(low blood sugar for the baby) because during pregnancy, the baby have consistent high insulin from the mother, once it is out of the mother's womb, the baby will no longer have the high blood sugar from the mother and hence resulting low blood sugar.

Too much insulin or glucose in the baby's system will also delay lung maturation and cause respiration difficulties in babies.

Hence, during pregnancy, the mother should take extra precaution in taking care of themselves. Avoid having too much sugary food.