Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Losing Belly Fat is Important

Do you know that weighing too much or being too fat increases your risk of many health problem? Many times, people just eat without realising the threats that they are facing. It was only when the real troubles come, they change for a better lifestyle.

In today's world, two-third of the American men are overweight or obese. While women tend to gain fat on their hips, thighs, legs and tummy. Experts has also mentioned people with alot of belly fat face a higher risk of health problem more than the fats on other area.

Risks such as:
- Diabetes
- Coronary Heart Diseases Or Stroke
- High Blood Pressure
- Metabolic Syndrome
- High Cholestrol

Hence exercising with good eating habits can helps to increase metabolism rate. This will improve your overall health.

How to tell whether we have belly fat?

One simple method is when you are sitting down, you can use your hands to pinch the fat that is bulging out at your tummy area. When it is too flabby or too much, your belly will appear.

What is the secret behind in losing belly fat?

Burn fats by exercising and have a nutrition diet. Reduce the amount of calories you take in. If you are serious in losing your belly fat, i would suggest you to read this guide on The Truth About Six Packs.

Remember, watch your diet and exercise regularly is the basic to keep fit and healthy.