Friday, December 21, 2007

How to remove your make-up properly?

Removing make-up before you sleep is a must for every woman. What will happen if we don't remove our make-up properly? It will clog your face pores and causes white heads and blackheads to occur.

1) If i am wearing mascara on that day, i will use a eye make-up remover to remove my mascara.
2) I will use my favourite make-up remover (Fancl Cleansing Oil). Massage my face using the cleansing oil with dry hand. Wet my hands and massage the oil until it emulsifies(Oil will be white and milky).
3)Wash it off.
4)Apply your daily cleanser and wash it off again.
5) Apply Toner
6) Moisturises

** I am using Chamomile Eye Make-up remover from The Body Shop and Fancl Cleansing Oil(MUST BUY REMOVER)