Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Favourite Perfume

Are you that kind of person who cannot live without perfume? I am one of them. Before i go out, i will definitely spray perfume. I have more than 10 different kinds of perfume at home such as Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Christian Dior, Burberrys and many more... I simply can't live without perfume. If i forgot to spray perfume, i would feel uneasy the whole day as i think spraying perfume is one of my habit.

Number 1 Favourite:
Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom (MUST TRY)

(Light and Sweet, it is widely accepted by most of the people especially men love the scent)

Number 2 Favourite:
Kenzo Flower
(Light, Crispy and Flowery scent, Great for summer days)

Number 3 Favourite:
Perfume Brit By Burberrys
(Fresh, Feminine and abit sweet)

My perference of scent is light and refreshing. However whenever i go clubbing, i will use Gucci Rush (Very Strong and feminine scent) because of the smoke and alcohol in the club, it definitely can mask those smell. Perfume is also a great idea as a birthday present or christmas present. I wouldn't mine having a new fragrance as a gift. So have you bought your christmas present? Why not try perfume if you run out of ideas.