Thursday, February 28, 2008

All About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that helps to maintain the blood level and regulate the formation of bone structure and absorb the phosphorous and calcium. As Vitamin D control the movement of calcium, it is very important for healthy growth of bone.

What happened when deficiency of Vitamin occurs?
If deficiency occurs in children, it will cause deformed bones and joints whereas if it happened to an adult, softening of bone will cause the bone to become weak and brittle often known as osteomalacia.

People aged 45 years old onwards requires more Vitamin D as they are the group of people that are most common to have deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D start to decrease as our age goes up. Post Menopause women are advise to intake more Vitamin D through milk or calcium pills as they are easily to have hip bone fractured resulting from osteoporosis.

What happened when you intake too much Vitamin D?
Nausea and Vomitting, Constipation, Poor or No Appetite, No Strength and weight loss, Lack of concentration. High Blood Level are likely to happen causing heart beat to be abnormal.

Suggested intake for infants is 1000IU and childrens, adults and pregnant women is 2000 IU. Anything that is over the dosage will produce adverse effect.