Friday, November 30, 2007

Different Type of Essential Oils and their Uses

When you buy essential oils, which type do you buy? Do you know their benefits?

- Lavender: Great for headaches, insomnia, relaxation and curing mild depression.

- Rose: sore throats, sinuses, menopause and insomnia.

- Rosemary: a mild stimulant and is useful for physical and mental fatigue, asthma, relaxation.

-Sandalwood: an antiseptic and is good for skin problems.

- Jasmine : antidepressant essential oil to help combat depression. (Please note that it shouldn't be used on pregnant woman as it strengthen contraction during labour.

- Eucalyptus : great for combating bronchitis, coughs, colds and rheumatism.

- Chamomile: is a very calming essential oil. It is commonly used to combat insomnia, indigestion, allergies, acne, eczema and other sensitive skin conditions.

-Lemongrass (My favourite): Great for Acne, athlete's foot, excessive perspiration, flatulence, insect repellent, muscle aches, oily skin, scabies and stress.

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