Friday, November 16, 2007

Slimming Methods-(Good Vs Bad)

There are many kind of slimming methods. What are the best ways to slim down? Slimming down to a healthier body is the most important. Before you pop those slimming pills into your mouth, think first.

- Slimming Pills
Slimming Pills normally have side effects. The effect is fast but VERY BAD. For those who had tried slimming pills, did you realise the moment you stop taking those pills, you regain back the weight you lost? Or in worse cases, you became fatter after that. You could have side effect like hyperventilation, fatigue, loss of sleep, bad temper, high blood pressure or heart attack blah blah and so on.

- Vomitting
I know some friends who will dig their throat to vomit out whenever food they had consumed after that. They told me that is to prevent their body from absorbing the fats. By doing that, you are not only refraining your body from intaking the nutrients, you become weak and in any cases, you can get stomach ulcers, dyhydration, ruptures of the stomach, swelling and soreness in throat. YUCKS!

- Laxatives
Continuous of Diarrhoea, this also weaken the body immune systems. Some even hospitalised after that.

- Exercising
Exercising is the BEST FORM of slimming. Although I do agree that alot of people are lazy to exercise including myself. Haha. Exercising makes a person healthier, tone your muscles, burn fats, better stamina and better memory too. It increases one person's blood circulation and helps in better skin condition too. People who have exercising habits tend to look younger too.

- Slimming Salon
I used to work in a Spa and Beauty Salon. Going for slimming sessions does helps but it is expensive. It works ONLY when it is accompanied with sensible diet plan. Some people continue to gorge while they are on their slimming courses and complaint the salon for not doing a good job. *Faints* Weightloss require a strict diet too.... A benefit about slimming courses is it helps to target to areas that you want a better contour because of the slimming machines they have.

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