Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to remove pimples from my back?

Have always been troubled with pimples on your back? Wishing to buy the tube top or halter neck you saw but hesitated for that moment when you saw the pimples on your back. Well, these are some of the few simple methods you can consider.

1) Use Neutrogena Body Wash/Cetaphil with loofah and wash it off.
2) Everytime after conditioning your hair, the hair conditioner flow all the way down to your body. Make it a habit to wash your hair first followed by body wash so that the hair conditioner can be washed off from your body as hair conditioner can clog your body pores.
3) Use a good body scrub twice a week.
4) If you have only pimple scars on your back and have tried different methods to lighten it but still does not help, you can try to go for sun tanning so that the scars doesn't look so obvious.

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