Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Prevention Of Wrinkles Should Start Early

Taking great care of your skin should start early. Wrinkles begin forming as early as the age of 20s. Wrinkles can formed due to many reasons like excessive exposure to sun, lack of sleep, smoking, stress and improper skincare routine etc. Especially excessive exposure to sun can cause your skin to lose its collagen and elasity.

Hence, taking good care of your skin is definitely important. Always remember the 3 basic steps. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise.

Here are some of the methods to prevent your skin from aging to early
- Drink enough water and eat more fruits and vegetables
- Always apply sunscreen
- Wear sunglasses to prevent crowfeets appearing on your eye area
- Exercises daily
- Use anti wrinkle products

One of my recommendation is Murad Anti aging Products. Their Night Reform Treatment is one of the most popular pick in their anti aging series. It can help to increase your skin's firmness by 28%. It also have powerful antioxidant protection and protect the skin's barrier function with the moisture retained.

To prevent the wrinkles from forming, remember to start your anti-aging war early! :)