Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Concealer Tips for Eyes

Concealer is a MUST for make-ups as it will help to cover your flaws like acne, scars, dark eye circles, wrinkles etc...

When it comes to choosing concealer, we have to extra careful. Choosing the right type and shades of concealer will minimise your problem. Concealing the dark eye bag and puffiness are harder. If the wrong method and shades are applied, it will make it look worse.
How to reduce creasing and puffiness on your eyes area?
Stay away from very creamy concealers. Creamy concealers tend to be oilier and the crease more obvious. Sometimes if you apply too much concealer and foundation, it can worsen the appearance of the wrinkles because as soon as the make-up settles into the lines, it will be very obvious.

I would suggest a light dusting of translucent powder so that it will brighten your eye area.
As for puffiness around the eye area, it would be best to minimise the puffiness with a good eye mask. For emergency purpose, you may want to use a metal spoon that you have store in the fridge overnight and leave it on your eye areas for 5 minutes as the coldness will help to refresh your eyes and reduce puffiness.

Another tips for your eyes, store your eye cream in the fridge before use. Every night when you apply your eye cream, you may also place thin cucumber slices over your eyes so that it will maximize the effect.