Monday, May 19, 2008

How to wash makeup brushes

Washing your makeup brushes is very important because if you do not wash your makeup brushes, you will spoilt the brushes as germs and mould can grow on your brushes. It will also mess up the process of applying nice colour on your face as it may change the colour of your makeup. Great brushes will help to cover your flaws and also let your makeup stay longer on your face.

How to wash makeup brushes?
1) It is either you buy brush cleansers or you can use use baby shampoo.
2) Squeeze about 10 cent size of shampoo into a mug of warm water and swirl the brush heads in the the shampoo solution.
3) Rinse out thoroughly and gently squeeze the brush head so that you can wring out the water. Repeat this step a few time until the brush is clean.
4)Use a cotton towel to dry the excess water on the brush.
5) Lay the brushes in a air dry shade.

Clean the brushes weekly so that you can prevent the accumulation of makeup. Throw away your brush if it become misshapen or stained.