Monday, May 12, 2008

Should Concealer be applied before or after foundation?

Many woman have been wondering whether they should apply concealer before or after. In fact, there are no right and wrong answer. It all depend on what type of foundation you are using that day.

If you are applying a powder foundation, it is best to use the concealer first because you do want to have a cakey finish. If you use the concealer after that, instead of covering up your flaws, it will make them look more obvious.

If it is liquid foundation, it does not matter whether you are applying after or before the foundation because both have similar soft texture. If you want a more natural coverage, you may apply your concealer first then followed by your foundation. If you need heavier coverage, then you use it after your foundation.

Apply loose powder to have a wonder finish. Remember to dust away any excess loss powder.

Great for dark eyes circles