Monday, July 21, 2008

What are the healthy way to BBQ and prevent carcinogens?

To prevent consuming too much of carcinogens which is a likely killer to our health. We can change the cooking methods like Oven Roasting and Baking. Although Oven roasting and baking still produce HCA but it is definitely much lesser than Barbequeing.

Here are some healthy way to BBQ.....
- Marinate the meat with marinades high in cancer fighting antioxidants such as lemon or lime juice. It can help to reduce HCA by over 90 percent.
- Choose lean cut meat instead of the fatter parts.
- Trim off fat before cooking
- Having less processed meat such as luncheon meat, sausages or hamburger patties.
- You can grill your meat by placing an aluminium foil below, this will keep the smok away from the heat which can produce higher HCA
- Avoid eating burnt parts of the meat.
- Eat BBQ meat with cucumbers.

There are no reasons for you to give up barbequing, then why not have it healthily? :)

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